john anner

author, international development expert, fundraising strategist and avid explorer


You may find John doing any of the following activities: scuba diving, racing on a bicycle or motorcycle, backpacking and trekking, doing triathlons with his twin girls, backcountry skiing, or what some would call extreme traveling.

  John with his broken arm face

John with his broken arm face


John's adventures come with a bit of risk. Here's John's list of his broken bones over the last few decades.

1975: Broke left leg in 3 places (skiing)

1984: Broke collarbone (motorcycle)

1986: Broke thumb (skiing)

1987: Broke finger (work)

1988: Broke collarbone, single break (dancing)

1989: Broke two ribs (skiing)

2000: Broke collarbone, single break (motorcycle)

2001: Broke two right foot bones (motorcycle)

2002: Broke three ribs (motorcycle)

2003: Broke collarbone in 4 places (motorcycle)

2006: Broke left arm in 10 places, right leg, four ribs (motorcycle). Also tore peroneal nerve in right leg, right ACL.

2008: Broke two ribs (bicycle)

2009: Broke right arm (bicycle)

2012: Broke one left foot bone (dancing)

Note: Does not include road rash, soft tissue injuries, rotator cuff tears, abrasions, puncture wounds, concussions, blunt impact trauma or broken hearts.

 John surfing through the 70s

John surfing through the 70s