john anner

author, international development expert, fundraising strategist and avid explorer


PBS video
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: Vietnam Neonatal Technology
How a midsize NGO creates 'mergers from strength and power'. Read story.

Tufts University Magazine
John was an invited "Guest Thinker" for Tufts Magazine, where he wrote "Ditch the Plan: In Aid Programs, As in Life, Reality Trumps Good Intentions." Read story. 

Wealth Briefing Report
John Anner and East Meets West quoted in this report that went to a members-only online publication to discuss output-based aid and development impact bonds. Read story.

Forbes Magazine
"Business Model Innovation: East Meets West Delivers Sanitation Solutions at Scale."  Read story.

"Gates Foundation Funding Goes To Community-Based Sanitation in Vietnam and Cambodia". Read story.

The New Yorker
John interviewed as part of a profile on Van Jones. John was formerly Chairman of the Board of Ella Baker Center for Rights, where Van Jones served as former Executive Director. Read full article.

San Francisco Chronicle
"SF Nonprofit Helps Small Magazines Stay in Business." Read full article.